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wpf version choppy, java version ok

Question asked by fdfdkz2 on Sep 20, 2017

The simplest possible WPF .net application (the ArcGIS template in Visual Studio 2017 new project wizard) with ArcGISRuntime SDK v100.1.0 is very choppy. Just left+clicking on the map and moving the mouse around results in smooth movement interrupted by brief choppiness every 0.5..2 seconds.


And zooming with the mouse wheel is very.. rubbery.. with considerable lag and often zooming in and out is not symmetrical and zoom speed changes. Seems that mousewheel events don't have timestamps and during choppiness many events get queued and then processed at the same time, resulting in zoom acceleration calculations with near-zero time difference between mousewheel events, and the zoom just zips past the desired value.



Java version of ArcGISRuntime SDK doesn't have these problems. This was tested on two very different computers.


Has anybody noticed the same thing?