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Arc GIS Online Crowd Sourcing App

Question asked by gjorgenson_ACHD12000 on Sep 19, 2017
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I created a crowd sourcing app using the Crowd Sourcing App from ESRI in ArcGIS Online.  The public comment phase is over, and now our organization is reviewing the results of the application and how we would like to improve for next years public comments.  Here is the link to the instructions for the app that I used:


One of the issues that I found was that the comments were very difficult to get from online to a local environment so that the organizations groups that needed to review the comments could have them in a spreadsheet format.  Although I was able to make this work, there were no instructions on how to make that happen as part of the app instructions.


What was more problematic was that there was no identifier in the downloaded comments to link back to the projects.  This had to be completed manually (by a stake holder that really wanted the feedback).  In other words;

  •  The public comments were for road projects that were in a line feature  
  • Public users clicked on a project and were able to leave comments about that project  
  • To review the comments in the app a user just clicked on the project and was able to see all the comments associated with the project selected
  • However, when the data from the table was downloaded there was no way to link the comments back with a project.  There was a related table associated with the line feature. 


What I am wondering is if I made an error in creating the app (in the online version the comments were linked to the location and it was not a problem) and I just needed to configure the app differently?


Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide,