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Auto-calculate fields after editing record in Collector app

Question asked by GM_Adv04 on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2018 by mpordesdemo

Our agency uses the Collector app to record groundwater level measurements in water wells. Everything works great, but would like to add one minor function. Our measurements are referenced from a "measuring point" which is different for each well. In order to get the proper measurement, the measuring point must be subtracted from the measurement so our reference point is at land surface. The attribute data in the collector app contains a field with the "measuring point" for each well. The attribute table also contains a field for "DepthFromMP" (measuring point) and a field for "DepthFromLSD" (land surface datum).


Ultimate goal: staff enters the value in "DepthFromMP"; when data are saved, the value is subtracted from the "measuring point" value and populated in the "DepthFromLSD" field in the collector app.


I know I can calculate the field after data collection, but it is beneficial to have the calculation happen in the collector app so our staff can record the measurement at the well site. Is this possible?