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Removing temp cache files after replica download

Question asked by minerjoe Champion on Sep 19, 2017



I have noticed that when I do a replica download operation from our application that some temp files are being created and hidden way deep in AppData in sub-directories under:  C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache...


The folders are so hidden that even with view hidden turned on you still don't see them.  The only way I came across this was because there was a huge chunk of hard drive being mysteriously used, and I started doing file size searches as I narrowed down the location.  During testing these temp cache files have grown to eating up almost all my extra hard drive space until I go through the manual search and destroy process.  I am using Windows 10.


A couple questions:

  • Why are these being created and not cleaned up once the replica is downloaded to the correct spot?
  • Is there a setting somewhere (internet options, perhaps) that would help clean them up?