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Why is my tile elevation layer incomplete?

Question asked by oliver_burdgis on Sep 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by oliver_burdgis

Rather than using the default Terrain3D as a ground layer for a Web Scene I would like to use some higher resolution data I have. The area of interest is irregularly shaped and the DEM resolution is 1.5 meters. I have been using the following workflow to prepare my tile layers:


Tool > Manage Tile Cache: Used to create a new tile cache. I tried using a feature class to define the AOI but this resulted in a blank output. Instead I left the AOI as default and traced around the feature class I wanted to use. The output looked good


Tool> Export Tile Cache: I used this to export the tile cache as a tile package layer.


Tool> Share Package: Although the output was under 1GB I still used this to upload to ArcGIS online because, well, why not.


In AGOL I move the tpk to a folder and published it. I then started a new scene (tried both local and global) and the result is that my new elevation layer works.... but gets cut off abruptly to the North. See the image below:



The extent is set correctly in AGOL but the auto-generated thumbnail is for the incorrect extent. I wanted to try it in ArcPro too to see if the elevation layer showed the same behaviour but instead Pro displayed a hellish minecraft inspired interpretation of the AOI. I have no screen shots of the ArcPro attempt as I deemed them too disturbing for general consumption.