Duplicate Feature After Search

Discussion created by sladinj on Sep 19, 2017

So, I have several features set up in my map for GPS Collection to be able to search by ID number.  I've noticed that when I use the Search function in Collector, it "creates" what appears to be a copy of the searched feature.  It doesn't add it to our feature layer, but if you unselect and then reselect the feature, it shows both (or if you've done multiple searches of the same feature, it has multiple copies).  It even has a smaller symbol than our actual feature.  The only way to remove them is to close the map and reload it.  


Anyone else notice this or know how I can keep the searched feature from showing multiple times?  Here's some screen shots:


Searching for Valve by Valve ID:

Searching for Valve ID


Search Results:

Search Results


Selected Features and First valve is the actual valve:

Actual Valve Selected


Next (and the following) are previous searches (notice the difference in symbol size in the Detail Window):##

Search Result Valve