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Passing values from Collector to Survey123 won't work only on iPad.

Question asked by Terrainpro on Sep 18, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by Terrainpro

Hi folks,


I am working on integrating Collector v.17.0.2 and Survey123 v. 2.3.29 for a project involving catch basin inspections. I have a feature service that has a related table running in AGOL, which I can successfully update both in either or both apps. In addition, I have configured a custom pop-up in the web map to pass 3 attributes from the features to prepopulate 3 fields the Survey123 form. Through testing I have found that the 3 attributes will pass from Collector to Survey123 in both a Windows environment and on an iPhone running iOS 10.3.3, but will not work on an iPad with up-to-date Collector and Survey123 apps and iOS 10.3.3. The only attributes that will transfer through the custom URL, when using an iPad, are the ones that do not get altered in Collector.


The url is as follows: arcgis-survey123://?itemID=de37196db3834f5989483dc6f6a1db31&field:Access={Accessible}&field:CleanStatus={CleanStatus}&field:Feature_ID={Feature_ID}


Of the 3 fields that are supposed to pass attributes from Collector to Survey123, the Feature_ID field will always work because that field doesn't get altered by the users, but the Access and CleanStatus will not pass only when using an iPad. 


I have 1) deleted surveys and reloaded them on the iPad multiple times with no change in behavior, 2) I have tried both online and offline maps in Collector with no change in behavior, 3) I have tried multiple iPads and multiple users with no change in behavior.


The crew that is doing the field work only has an iPad available to them, so I need to make this work on the iPad as I have no other alternative.


Any suggestions or troubleshooting ideas are welcome!


Many thanks.

Brett Horr