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Generate large complex geometry on one startshape.

Question asked by Mortensen91 on Sep 18, 2017
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I'm trying to generate some rather complex facades for a number of buildings. The problem is that when the number of buildings gets too large the script is not working properly. See pictures


On this image is the facades generate correct.

On this picture is the facades generated correct, but when increasing the number of buildings this happens

In tests with a lot of start shapes it works fine, the computer calculates one start shape at a time, it takes maybe a minute to "generate" all the start shapes.


in the above, example it seems like the computer/program just gives up. I get that my computer may not be the best or fastest, and I, therefore, want to change the script. My question is if anybody knows what is going wrong, is it the time it takes to make all the calculations or is it the amount of geometry on one single start shape?


it should be said that the script is approximately 1000 lines and a LOT of "case" statements, further is there being done a lot insert of build in cubes, on surfaces, which creates a lot of "trimming".  


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