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Is it possible for ArcGIS Server or AGOL to serve unstructured grid data?

Question asked by dschatt on Sep 15, 2017

hi all, I have hourly water surface elevation data whose native format is netCDF (an unstructured grid with cells of varying sizes).   Initially I converted that data to a raster format, published to an image service, and built a JavaScript API site around it.  But preferably, I'd like to serve that data as is, i.e. without converting to raster format which degrades the fidelity of that data. 


I now have that source netCDF data in a type of WMS service (called NC-WMS) designed for netCDF data. I know ArcGIS Server can publish WMS services. But I don't know how to access this particular type of pre-existing WMS service in the Javascript API environment and use the Javascript API  time-aware functionality with it.  I'm not very familiar with ArcGIS Online capabilities.


I was hoping that somebody might have some experience with this or advice on how to proceed?