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Is it possible to merge point data layers, keeping the same names as the parent layer?...

Question asked by JMRutherford on Sep 14, 2017
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I have another question regarding merging point data, yet also merging the fields in the attribute table.

I have a standard excel table with set field names, which I want to preserve. So I have exported this shapefile to a featuregeodatabase folder, and now I would like to merge several other point layers to this parent layer. 


I am assuming the merge tool is the best option?? I have tried merge one of the shapefile to this parent one, and the merged results in the attribute table show all the merged data to the right of the parent layer, and the field names have reverted back to the default naming system. 

So my question is...

1) Is there away to have the data merged so that final layer has all the data combined under the correct field. So for example the Latitude field in the merging layer in filled in to the Latitude field in the parent layer?

2) Is it possible to have the Field names remain when merging. I have looked this up and there seems to be a lot on using SQL, coding etc...but frankly I have no clue about this langue. I don't really want to manually do this in excel and there is a lot of layers that I need to merge and having the ability to merge the way I would like would be great. 


I have attached the excel tables to show you what I am hoping to accomplish. I have this excel now as a shapefile and a geodatabase. Please ignore the spaces in this table as I have corrected this. I just want to show you what I want the end attribute table to look like, after merging all the various point data shapefiles. 


Excel file type to in a shapefile and geodatabase 



I have read that to merge and keep field names, it is best to export the shapefiles into a geodatabase and then do the merge. However, when I do this it still seem to append the emerging layer to the right of the attribute. Is there no way around this ???


I apologize if this sound silly and if it has be discussed before. If so please point me in the right direction.