Generating Agriculture Field Plot Maps

Discussion created by joshuakoh on Sep 17, 2017
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I work in agriculture remote sensing research, mainly focusing on grains and pulse crops. I have for some time wonder how can I generate a field trial plot map consisting of rectangle polygons (field plots) separated by fixed distances (e.g. 1 m between plots and 5 m between rows etc.) without having to manually draw and adjust the polygons?


Fishnet does not work because the polygons are joined together and although inner buffering can create some distance between the polygons, this will not work well.


I've seen some commercial software such as AgLeader SMS having a module that can define plot parameters (you can input the number of rows per plot, field width and depth, base trip and alley length, and row spacing.) and it will create a shape file of the field map. Plot Prescription Module | SMS™ Advanced | SMS™ Software | Products | Ag Leader Technology 


Any suggestions on plugins or scripts that can do similar job? Or can someone make this plugin? I think there's a huge demand for it.