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Configure search widget using service with non-default web adapter name

Question asked by LeonGIS on Sep 12, 2017
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I'm testing out a web app builder configuration with the search widget using a my own locator. I decided to install the web adapter on for the service using something other than the default 'arcgis' name.


So instead of:

the url for my service is:


I not getting any results in my search through the application, though it does from the REST endpoint. I used Fiddler to dig a little further and noticed I'm getting 404 errors returned to me with a URL that uses the default "arcgis" web adapter name, rather than the one I provided in the configuration file for the widget.




Am I missing something in the configuration or is this a limitation of Web App Builder?  I'm using WAB Developer Edition 2.1.  (Time for an upgrade!)