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AGSGeodatabase.serviceURL property blank in 100.1?

Question asked by reedhtr on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2017 by reedhtr

Has anyone successfully accessed the .serviceURL property of an offline .geodatabase file in the 100 or 100.1 iOS SDK?  I have a file confirmed (in the 10.2.5 SDK version of my app) to have a Url in this property, but from the 100.1 SDK this same file's property is reading as an empty string.


A little background:

- The geodatabase contains operational layers generated from a feature service.

- The geodatabase is made by another program we wrote in house about a year and a half ago, confirmed to produce offline geodatabases containing this property.

- I normally expect the .serviceURL property to point to the feature service from which the offline geodatabase was generated.

- My test case showing this property as empty is

  1.  to run the app on an iPad,
  2. set a breakpoint in xcode right after a call to ...

             let featuresGeodatabase = AGSGeodatabase(fileURL: URL(fileURLWithPath: geodatabasePath))

  3. The geodatabase instantiates successfully.  I then type in the debug console

            po featuresGeodatabase.serviceURL


The result looks like ...

(lldb) po featuresGeodatabase.serviceURL


   some :


On another machine running the previous 10.2.5 app, the result is

"http:/< our host server name>/geoservices/arcgis/rest/services/HATS_2_5_Qa_20170606/FeatureServer"