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How to: edit attribute table headings while pop-ups are disabled

Question asked by KMATHISO_governmentofbc on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by KMATHISO_governmentofbc

I am making a web map application.  I have a layer that shares a relationship class with multiple other layers so you can view its information through "Show Related Records", in the attribute table, and in a number of widgets in my application. Currently, when I upload the data the column headings have underscores and the second half of the longer headings is cut off.  I want to format the headings so that they look nice and complete in the table, widgets, and related records.  Configuring the pop-up changes the headings, but I do not want to have a pop-up enabled for this layer and when I disable the pop-up all of the formatting is deleted and the titles revert back to their messy form.


Edit: If anyone else has a similar problem, I figured out that if you edit the "Field Alias" for the attributes in the file geodatabase in ArcCatalog then they will save and transfer into the AGOL map/application.