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Multipart polygon - individual part areas

Question asked by alantonkin on Sep 10, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by xander_bakker

Good day,


I have a polygon feature class in a file geodatabase. There are a few multipart polygons in the dataset. I have added 2 fields to the dataset to store the number of parts (numeric) and one to store a list of the individual part areas (string).


I have populated the field with the number of parts using one of the functions in the EasyCalculate Add-In. However, I require assistance with populating my string field with a delimited list of the individual part areas for any multipart polygons in the dataset. So for example, if a polygon has 4 parts to it, the value for the string field that I want calculated should look like this -> "541.00;236.54;147.85;391.25" being the individual areas of the parts of the multipart polygon.


I found some python code that iterated through the polygons and their respective parts and printed the results to the python window. However I need to concatenate the areas into a delimited string and write the string to the feature. I cannot seem to get that part of the code correct. Here is the link to the thread on another website for accessing the part areas python 2.7 - Getting area of multipart features using SearchCursor() of ArcPy? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Ex… 


Please could someone help with the code to write the individual areas in the string back to the feature?