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GraphicsOverlay options - Any recommendations?

Question asked by j.buchtaesri-de-esridist Employee on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by j.buchtaesri-de-esridist

I have to solve the following task in Runtime 100.1:

- Display 20 moving points in the map (Refresh-Rate 1 sec)

- The color of the point has to be changed during runtime (not based on the data)


Generally, the GraphicsOverlay(s) is clearly the way to go, but I can see three approaches:

1. Create 20 GraphicsOverlay-Instances having exactly 1 Graphic item and assign a SimpleRenderer to the GraphicsOverlay.

2. Create 1 GraphicsOverlay-Instance, having 20 Graphic items and assign a UniqueValueRenderer to the GraphicsOverlay.

3. Create 1 GraphicsOverlay-Instance, having 20 Graphic items, each one of it with a symbol assigned, no Renderer at the GraphicsOverlay.


I can see advantages / disadvantages in each of these options, that's why I'm asking for recommendations / experiences.

Option 1 is pretty easy to handle, flexible (if the customer decides to want a totally different symbol for one of those 20 items), color can be assigned easily, but having 20 GraphicsOverlay-Instances feel like a lot of resources on the map.

Option 2 seems to be a good option as well, but can get hard, if the symbol has to differ in more than just the color. Even the color itself has to be communicated to the MapViewModel.

Option 3 might consume the least resources, but in general, assigning a renderer to the layer (GraphicsOverlay) is more efficient than assigning a symbol to the feature (Graphic).


Any recommendations? Thanks!