ArcGIS seesm to overwrite existing grids

Discussion created by juniper on Jan 16, 2011
I'm creating some basic elevation, aspect, hillshade and slope grids. I created the elevation grid using Kriging, and that seems to work well. Then I created a slope grid from the elevation, using the slope tool, but when I created an aspect grid from the elevation grid, the slope grid got a red exclamation mark, and when I look try to reset the data source, the slope grid is gone. It is also gone if I check ArcCatalog.  I redo that, and then about ten minutes later, I create a hillshade grid, and the Aspect layer gets a red excalmantion mark, and the Aspect Grid is gone.????  Any suggestions.  I know this use to happen if grid names ahd the same 13 characters.  Thought this would be improved in 10.