Editable hosted "Multipoint" feature service

Discussion created by ANarasimha.Murthy on Sep 7, 2017
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I have built an application using Web Appbuilder from my organisation AGOL to facilitate the users to add/edit point locations for one of our projects. The requirement of the project is to use "multipoint" geometry feature service. I have published a hosted editable feature service layer created from a multipoint feature class residing in my local file gdb with full editing capabilities including create, delete, query, sync and update. When I test it through my application to add new features to it, it's showing the feature templates but I am unable to add new features to it but it's allowing me to edit/update the existing feature attributes.

I have tested it with a "Point" geometry feature service published with full editing capabilities, it is working fine including ability to add new features.

My first doubt is, if "Multipoint" geometry can be used for creating feature services for full editing. If so, what might be wrong with my multipoint feature service. If not, kindly suggest me an alternative for my requirement of facilitating users to add multipoint features.


Your valuable suggestions are most appreciated.


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