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Network Dataset not honoring Oneway field

Question asked by brianmcleer on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by brianmcleer

I have built a network dataset with a oneway field to honor one way travel directions step for step from the tutorials:


Image 01.JPG shows an sample area of my data before any route is performed with the oneway field digitized with directional arrows. Image 02.JPG displays stop 1 on the right side and stop 2 on the left side.  By the arrows, the route should go around the block the long way, however the oneway field is not being honored it is showing the shortest route. This violates the oneway restriction.

Image 03.JPG displays my Network Dataset Properties Attributes tab, then the Evaluators, then the Field Evaluators for the Oneway attribute.

My Field Evaluators are set up as:


Pre-Logic Script Code:
restricted = False
Select Case UCase([Oneway])
Case "N","TF","T":restricted = True
End Select

For the other oneway, just switch "TF" to "FT".


Any help would be appreciated.