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Relating Survey123 surveys

Question asked by deleted-user-FTxtuSQd67Ur on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by petronilamandeno

I have a question regarding some surveys I have created for our field workers to go out and inspect homes.

While out in the field, they will be filling out multiple different surveys within Survey123 for a home.  All of these surveys are separate from each other, however, there is one survey I am using as my "base form" that will be the survey that the relates are based from.


Even though the surveys are separate when they are filled out, I would like them to be able to relate to each other when they are submitted (i.e. that an admin could go into a web map on the backend, click on the location of a home, and see all of the related survey information attached to it instead of clicking between a bunch of different points in the same location.  I do have a common field between all of the surveys which is the address. We do not have Portal we use ArcGIS Server and AGOL.


Is there any way that I can do this currently??