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Why are some check boxes in configuring ESRI Map for SharePoint not saved?

Question asked by pliottawa888 on Sep 6, 2017

After going to the edit mode of ArcGIS Map Web Part of ESRI Map for SharePoint 3.0.1 in SharePoint (SP) 2013, we can start to configure the map using ESRI ribbon tools. The most settings of ESRI Map for SharePoint 3.0.1 in SP 2013 take effect after we complete the settings based on our needs. However , those three settings (check boxes) for Update when map is panned or zoomed, Poll for update, and Get feature within map area can’t be saved and not function properly. After completing those settings and saving them (click OK), then we go back to the edit mode again and see those three settings are unchecked, and they could not be saved based on our needs.  The functions based on those three settings are very important since they set the map layer refresh behaviors. We would like to see map refresh automatically based on our settings, for instance, every 2 minutes to pull new data from the GIS database and refresh the layer on the map. However, we could not see map refresh based on our setting (the map do refresh but not based on our needs).


In addition, the check box for Use Clustering in Symbols does not function well after it is configured and saved, we have found that the check box is unchecked for the layer that uses clustering after it is checked and then visited other layer to do unchecked. The behavior of checked box should be saved for each layer, otherwise, check box won't be right.