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Portal Home application misinterprets ArcGIS Online URLs in Application Items

Question asked by lscharen on Sep 6, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2017 by lscharen

I just ran into this strange situation on Portal 10.5. I was unable to find a BUG in the support site that described the issue and the list of resolved issues in 10.5.1 did not appear to contain it, either.


I wanted to create an Application Item in Portal that points to an application in my ArcGIS Online Organizational account using a URL like

Application Item Dialog in Portal 10.5


Once I click the Add Item, the item is created, but the URL is not pointing at the Portal URL with the ArcGIS Online Item ID appended


Application Item in Portal with wrong URL

If I look at the item's JSON data in AGO Assistant, the correct URL is present. So it appears to be a bug in the Home application where the URL is being interpreted and transformed into an local Portal URL.


JSON Data of Portal Application Item with Correct URL


I was able to work around the issue by using a URL shortening service on my original URL and saving the shortened URL in the Portal Application Item, but I would like to either find a way to prevent the Home application from transforming my URL, or know if this is a BUG that is fixed in Portal 10.5.1.