JTX 9.3.1 How to get Job_ID

Discussion created by mik1971 on Jan 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2011 by mik1971
We are facing a problem  with JTX and ArcMap. We create a SDE version and start ArcMap from JTX.  It creates specific mxd file (with name JOB_xxxx, where xxxx ??? is current Job_ID number).
Question: How we can get Job_ID programmatically?
First, maybe we could create a command (extension) for ArcMap? JTX has classes connected to Job_ID. How can we create JTX objects from ArcMap?
Second, maybe get Job_ID before mxd file will be created ?
Last, maybe another source (for instance, from JTX tables linked with process ID in Windows), BUT WE CAN'T GET LAST JOB_ID, because we are running a couple of JTX instances?