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Why is network bearertype always 0 (unknown0 on iOS

Question asked by paul.haakma on Sep 5, 2017
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The AppFramework has a network object that can return network configurations available, an example of a json object below.


I've found that "bearerType" on iOS always seems to be 0 (unknown).

Windows seems to report Wifi connections as 2 (WLAN), but all others as 0.

Android seems to report all the different types correctly.


I had thought to use this to determine whether the app was on a wifi connection or ethernet etc, to determine whether/when to initiate a sync.


Is this a problem with the AppFramework not returning correct values? Or is it an underlying problem with the Qt framework?


Or, is there a different and more reliable way to determine the current network connection type?


"bearerType": 0,
"bearerTypeFamily": 0,
"bearerTypeName": "Unknown",
"children": [],
"identifier": "3278187404",
"isRoamingAvailable": false,
"isValid": true,
"name": "Wi-Fi",
"purpose": 0,
"state": 2,
"type": 0