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Publish Vehicle Routing Geoprocessing Service

Question asked by mkoneya on Sep 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 2, 2018 by rodahang

I want to be able to find the best route to a number of fire inspection sites on a given day by inspector.

It sounds like the Solve Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is what I need to publish as a Geoprocessing Service to our internal ArcGIS Server instance.

I have been looking for instructions on how to do this, but have not found a good tutorial.     One of the problems that may be inherent in the data is that it is not in the format needed.     It doesn't look as though I can map an existing layer to the input VRP depots.

Is there a way to field map the attributes from an input layer to the VRP layer?

Once I get over this hurdle, if possible,   I would like to use the routing service in Web AppBuilder.     This all sounds possible,  but I am not finding much to get started.


Thanks for any assistance,