How to add TextSymbol and SimpleMarkerSymbol to the same Graphic object.

Discussion created by FerrariRace on Sep 4, 2017
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Hi everyone! I have some trouble with displayng a marker with some legend. When i put a marker on the map, there is no problem to replace it during the program execution. But i want to connect this marker with a legend and update the position of my marker at the same time with the legend. I found a simple way to create a legend by using TextSymbol, but it blocked SimpleMarkerSymbol.

Sample of code:


SimpleMarkerSymbol* crossSymbol = new SimpleMarkerSymbol(SimpleMarkerSymbolStyle::Cross, QColor("red"), 12, this);

Point point(-110.828140, 44.460458, SpatialReference::wgs84());

Graphic* graphic = new Graphic(point, crossSymbol, this);



And display it:



In this code there's no any problems. As if i add TextSymbol.

I know that both of this classes Inherited from the same parent, but can i put them together and then update coordinates in a way like this:

Graphic* tmp= m_graphicsOverlay->graphics()->at( 'Some index ');

tmp->setGeometry(point); (reinitialize coordinates).


Or should i use some other way? Can anyone tell me.