64 bit BG error when executed locally, but works from remote

Discussion created by Nero2710 on Sep 5, 2017

Dear all,

I have a quite strange problem: my stand-alone python script stops when executed with the 64 bit Python Version (ArcGISx6410.5) locally from the command line at the command arcpy.GACreateGeostatisticalLayer_ga. The error is

arcgisscripting.ExecuteError: ERROR 040001: Unspecified error. The script works fine either when executed with the 32 bit Version, within ArcMap and ArcCatalog with Background Geoprocessing enabled or - and this is the strange part - when executed over a RemoteDesktop Application as 64 bit and the command line. The latter seems to be depending on the RemoteDesktop Application used. It works with Microsoft RemoteDesktop App for Mac and RemoteDesktop App for Windows 10. It doesn't work with the built-in RemoteDesktop programm from windows and also not with the Parallels Client for ios. Others I haven't tested yet. The problem is the same for ArcGISx6410.4 python.


My idea was, that there might be a driver issue (video, graphics, sound), that is possibly changed with the remote logon, but I am not sure, how to deal with it. The RemoteDesktop Applications don't offer much preferences or information about their settings.


Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated....