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Problem Writing File (Pandas) Using SSDO

Question asked by lspear on Sep 2, 2017

I am having problems writing a pandas data frame to either a shapefile or geodatabase feature class using

the Spatial Statistics Data Object (SSDO). I am still very new to Python (Pandas, Numpy, etc.) although I

have done this (healthcare gravity model) before in both SAS and R. I would like to develop this entirely

within ArcGIS Pro (arcpy) and Python libraries if possible. I have attached a ZIP archive with a Jupyter

Notebook that reads an input file, calculates the gravity model, and attempts to write out a shapefile

using SSDO (based on one of the examples I have seen on GITHub). Note: I can get this to work if I

use GeoPandas and shapely, but using just SSDO would be preferred.