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Bad count-only query performance on layer with 600'000 polygons

Question asked by kevinhaeni on Sep 4, 2017
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One of our layers contains approximately 600'000 polygons that should be displayed as a featurelayer in our application based on the 4.4 JSAPI.


Strangely, since the 4.3 version of the API, a count-only request to the map service is performed before it starts loading the features. It occured to me that the performance of this count-only query is very bad! It takes around 50 seconds just  to return the amount of records within that layer.


Further analysis with an SQL profiler has shown that a count-only query seems to be implemented in a strange way such that it translates to the following oracle / sql query:


select ID, spatialdata from (SQL_QUERY DEFINED IN THE MAP SERVICE / LAYER)


I would have expected a "select count()" here, but instead, it simply selects the ID and spatial field on the query defined in the map service, and probably counts the returned records manually. As a result, before we can load the layer, we have to wait 50 seconds just to wait for this count-query to finish.


Am I the only one with this problem? Is this a known bug? Is there any workaround?