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Arcmap report with vertical structure for individual record instead of horizontal

Question asked by athompson_otp on Sep 1, 2017

Hi all.  I am using Arcmap 10.2


When using the report tool, I get a bunch of horizontal rows per record on the same page. Using the Report wizard accessed from the attribute table. Since my feature class has a lot of fields that need to be shown, the values end up getting placed in a vertical column.. Like this:

As you can see, it is very hard to read the field names and records as they get shrunk into a narrow vertical column. 


Is there an easy way to make these so that the field name is on the left side, followed by the data? I would prefer to have it so that there is only one record per page. 


Is this possible from the Report wizard, or do I have to configure it as such in the Report Designer? I would prefer not to, because otherwise I would have to tinker in the report designer to pre-configure around 20 reports...




Also, if anyone has a clue, can related records be added into these reports?