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Decouple an offline geodatabase from the online version

Question asked by MarcWouters37 on Sep 1, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2017 by MarcWouters37

We want to work in our application with a read/write enabled mobile geodatabase.

Generating one with ArcMap (File - Share as - ArcGIS Runtime Content) produces a read-only .geodatabase.


So, we have published our geodatabase on ArcGIS online, and downloaded a copy (using GeodatabaseSyncTask) to have a copy which can be edited (add, delete features), but our main purpose is to change feature attributes. 

We do not need or want to synchronize the local geodatabase again with the online version.


All the changes we make to the local .geodatabse add copies of the modified features, with changed gdb_from_date/gdb_to_date fields.

How can I prevent this, or consolidate the changes, so the number of features in each table remains the same ?