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GeoEvent: Input experienced a buffer overflow

Question asked by W0194119 on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2017 by CBeyett-esristaff

I have a Poll an External Website for XML input that has been running for a couple of weeks without issue until 4 days ago. Now I am getting the following message:


Input 'SilverEye-xml-poll-in' experienced a buffer overflow on channel ''. It cannot parse the data as fast as the data is coming in. Some data was lost.


This is especially confusing because right now I know that no data is available at the url. I type it into my browser and confirm that only an empty response is returned. I can also confirm that over the last 4 days there has been activity captured for the 12 aircraft and I wouldn't expect that 5 minute historic captures would exceed the processing ability of my GeoEvent processor ArcGIS Server (also other events are being captured no problem).


Has anyone else experienced this? I tried restarting the input service and adjusting the parameters slightly with no change in the logging behaviour. Help!