Best way to keep a AGO join updated

Discussion created by dougbrowning on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by dougbrowning

I have a simple one to many join between a AGO table and a HFS.  Works great but it is static.  I would like it to update as new data gets added to the table automatically.


The rerun analysis button helps a little but it is a manual step to click.  Plus the real pain is when you rerun it you must create a new layer - you cannot just replace the layer so you end up with v2, v3, etc. Then I also have to go in and set the security on the new layer also.   I really wish it would just overwrite.


So is there a way to do relate instead, or have it update on a regular interval, or any other ways?  Again all I want is the field level join between the table and HFS to stay up to date.