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Problems with using token and javascript API

Question asked by _lars_ on Sep 1, 2017
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I'm implementing featurelayers from a companies arcgis server and until now I've been polled for username and password in the website I'm making. Its a webresource inside Dynamics so authentication is already handled. I see the arcgis server has the feature to create tokens at .../arcgis/tokens and I created one for my application.


I'm unsure of what client, as I have not declared it somewhere. I've tried;

- HTTP Referer with the address of the dynamics installation (

- IP (ip of

- Request IP (but that would not work as I'm doing the request from my work laptop)


I've implemented the token as stated in the documentation:


var layer = new FeatureLayer({
url: "",
token: "<token>"



The <token> is the one generated from .../arcgis/tokens.


I tried all the types of clients as tokens in the FeatureLayer request but nothing changes, I am still prompted to insert username and password.


Does anyone have and idea? I need to replace the popup of username and password with the token in the background.