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locator suggestions, is there a way to omit a field from suggestions?

Question asked by bradchranko_LocAge on Aug 30, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by sbritt-esristaff

With custom gazetteer locator (10.5) which is part of a composite locator published as a web service, I'm trying to NOT return a field from the auto suggestions.  The matching address return is: address, city, and zip however city and zip I would like not to be part of the search and only limit it to the street address field.  So now, when I enter something like Baltimore, I am seeing returns that have Baltimore as part the city name instead of just addresses on Baltimore Street.  Or for example, if I enter 601, it returns records that have 60134 zipcodes.  The ideal return is if I enter just 601, it would only return 601 Bank Street, Baltimore City, 20202


I've attempted to modify the General.lot.xml file to comment out the city field in the index > dictionary ref but it seems to render the locator inoperable (see code below): 


<dictionary ref="PlaceName" search="true" type="word" separator_list=",. '@|/-&quot;"/>
<dictionary ref="FullPlaceName" search="true" spatial_index="true" cell_per_x="512" cell_per_y="256"/>
<dictionary ref="Category" search="true" spatial_index="true" cell_per_x="3600" cell_per_y="1800"/>
<dictionary ref="Type" search="true" spatial_index="true" cell_per_x="3600" cell_per_y="1800"/>
<dictionary ref="Tags" search="true" spatial_index="true" cell_per_x="3600" cell_per_y="1800"/>
<dictionary ref="Rank"/>
<!-- <dictionary ref="City" search="true"/> -->


I've tried a bunch of other stuff too like set the search to "false", but still now luck.   Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks,  Brad.