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Extrude Elevation Layer in Local Scene 4.4?

Question asked by EternalDOOM on Aug 31, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by TSolow-esristaff


I was wondering if there`s a way to extrude a 3d surface in the Esri JavaScript API 4.4 to a specific height or maybe another surface. This was a very vommon task in good old ArcScene and it can be very helpful to create a 3d body from a 3d surface.

Actually I have a local scene with a custom Elevation Layer and Topographic Map. That looks as follows:


Now I would like to visualize the scene as a block scene so not only a surface but more like a block cutted out of the landscape to give the scene so more plasticity. Is this possible with build in functionality?

Otherwise I would try to construct sides and border as single graphics and add them to the scene.

Any help is very appreciated!