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Quick Map Views ArcGIS Online

Question asked by AJTaccone on Aug 31, 2017

I am looking to make an online map viewer that contains a lot of data and layer. Essentially what I am doing is make quick views in a web app for certain groups of layers that correspond to things that I am interested in. For instance, if I want to look at sewers, I would click a button that would then tell the app to check all the layers for sewers and display them on the map with the ability to click and get a pop-up. However I am running into some problem. If I make vector tile layers, I cannot click and get the attributes on the features; this seems like the best way to go but I don't think the vector tile layers support this feature. If I make the layer sets into webmaps and then import them as basemaps, I can click to get the attributes but when I choose a different basemap, the layers do not check/uncheck like I need them to. Any suggestions?