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New popup position is only showing in a certain angle

Question asked by jinwen1016 on Aug 30, 2017

Hi all, I'm developing a 3D map application based on ESRI 4.4, and the requirements are that we need to support both click object to show popup with details and click in a collapsible table to show popup. The issue is that for clicking directly on object, the popup position is perfect, just right on the object, no matter how you change angle.

However when clicking in table, as I got some issues(old value/fields not reset for next popup) when reuse the popup singleton in view, so I change to create a new one, and the issue comes again, after set lat lng and details for new popup and assign to map view, the position is still not correct as click, only after I change to a certain angle(overlook) the popup can be displayed.


Does the above make sense? If so does anyone know why is that? Thanks so much.