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Can't publish Manhole Inspection survey in Survey123 Connect

Question asked by deleted-user-_umMO8elsPd4 on Aug 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2017 by MKellyesri-ireland-ie-esridist

I am trying to use the Manhole Inspection solution to create an inspection form in Survey123 Connect, but I am getting an error when I try to publish it. I downloaded the solution's zip file, changed the source of the manhole layer to my own gdb, and published it as a service on AGOL. Everything looked great.

I then...

- Opened Survey123 Connect

- Selected New Survey

- Chose the ManholeInspections feature service that I just created

- The survey and XLS form was created

- I tried to publish it, and I got this error


I'm not sure what to do next... I'm a little confused by what it doesn't like. Does it not like the field being a string? It's the Foreign Key in the relationship class (FacilityID is the Primary Key), and our manhole ID's have numbers and letters in them so it has to be text. Does anyone have thoughts or advice on what I should do? Hopefully I've provided enough info to make sense.