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VB and C#, which one is better to develop a WPF project

Question asked by sailitang on Aug 28, 2017
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   I just start to use ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET 100.1.0 to develop a WPF project. I am using Visual Studio 2015, but I found ArcGIS Runtime Application (WPF) template is under C# not VB when I created a new project. I am wondering if ArcGIS Runtime SDK prefers C# and it is better to use C# to develop a WPF project? But I also found some VB code samples when I searched some WPF samples. That means VB and C# are the same good at ArcGIS WPF development? In my previous work, I used VB more often than C#. I am afraid that some functions C# have but VB doesn't if I choose VB. For ArcGIS runtime API, C# and VB are the same, the only difference is language style, right?