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How to use a Raster image as a basemap or layer?

Question asked by parhjin on Aug 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2018 by veronica.valenzuela

Hi, I have discovered there is a Raster type and RasterLayer in Esri ArcGIS

Runtime for .Net.

However I could not get it to work.

In the github samples, I could only find RasterLayerImageServiceRaster


and RasterLayerRasterFunction



I just want to create a Raster Layer from a GeoTIFF file stored on local

disk and then display it. Nothing too fancy.


My code at the moment looks something like:


Raster myRaster = new Raster(@"C:\tiffmap.tif");

RasterLater newRasterLayer = new RasterLayer(myRaster);


Basemap myBasemap = _map.Basemap;

LayerCollection myLayerCollection = myBasemap.BaseLayers;



but the map is not showing. I get a blank map. I have tried using WMTSLayer and it works, so I am not too far off.

What should I be doing? The documentation and examples are sparse....