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Create a Custom Base Map from Imagery/LiDAR & Make it Pretty?

Question asked by jrlalessi on Aug 28, 2017

I would like to create a custom Base Map with specific land use and land cover classifications. I have Imagery and LiDAR (DEM and DSM already created) as well as access to both ERDAS, the ESRI Suite, and LASTools. I know how to create a LULC layer using supervised classification in both ERDAS and ArcMap. BUT I dont know what the best way to create a pretty base map is. I'm trying at all cost to NOT go through and and do heads up digitizing. I was thinking that there may be a way to smooth the edges of the LULC output with a GP Tool but am unsure of the best practices. I also wanted to find out if any one has done this and integrated LiDAR data asa QAQC for some of the edges in the output. 


Has anyone else done this? Anyone have any ideas? Looking for the fastest, NOT the dirtiest way to accomplish this. 


Any ideas or past experience is welcome. Thanks all!