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Geometric Network editing

Question asked by rb7smutje on Aug 25, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2017 by rb7smutje

I'm trying to edit a geometric network in the 3.2 JS API using the TemplatePicker (tried also other widgets):



It seems that's possible to delete features of the network, but editing results always in:

<Msg time='2017-08-25T16:16:22,555' type='SEVERE' code='17000' target='UFPE/SADEnetwork.MapServer' methodName='GraphicFeatureServer.HandleREST_ApplyEditsOperation' machine='BRAMARSERVER' process='15764' thread='14024' user='anonymous' >An error occurred.</Msg>


I've red that's not recommended to do edit networks in web apps, I don't care about network functionalities at this time, I only would like to edit the Point Features and Line Features.

Is there any way to edit Network Features in the Javascript API?