Perform Analysis on services from other ArcGIS Server in 10.4.1

Discussion created by SUP_GISAdmin_hertscc on Aug 25, 2017

We have 3 ArcGIS server sites (all within our firewall), 2 were created as a single site while the last one was created as a hosting server for Portal for ArcGIS 10.4.1, however, we manually pull map services (services\MapServer) into the Portal for ArcGIS as items for named users to search, query and perform analysis on them from the other 2 server and ArcGIS Online, but when they add these items to their map viewer, the Analysis button does not get enabled, on the other hand if they bring in personal files (.shp, csv) and publish it or connect to an AGOL service then they can perform analysis on these ones.


So my question is, how do i make the other map services from the single site available for analysis too?, mind you they have got all the capabilities (query, data and Map).


Thank you.