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How to manage Collector app photos and features without Standard license

Question asked by rchlumsk on Aug 24, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2017 by rchlumsk

I have an issue in managing my Collector map once photo attachments have been made. In my map there are number of features with attachments enabled and stored, and the photos can be viewed in the online map no problem. However, since I do not have the Standard license, I cannot manipulate the downloaded geodatabase version of those features.


The features with attachments enabled create the "__ATTACH" and "__ATTACHREL" , which cannot be deleted in the Desktop application due to licensing. However, I believe these are also locking the geodatabase from edits, so I am unable to change the features for future work. Is there a good way to (a) view or download the photos for each point, and (b) allow editing other fields in the geodatabase, without losing the current data? Thanks.


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