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Reflectance of worldview 1,2 and 3 using ArcMap

Question asked by jorge_MGCP_TREx on Aug 24, 2017

Hello everyone,


I am working with ArcMap trying to have a homogeneous raster dataset, in order to try automatic acquisition of some kind of information. I'm facing some problems with the software because this is something that is not available on the forums and the help of arcgis is not enough, at least for me.

Right now I'm trying to have a .tif file that was exported from a raster dataset that as the same radiometric for the same object on the field. To achieve this I perform the formulas that are present on the image named functions.png. Then I changed the properties of the mosaic dataset allowing NoData values on each raster and calculating the NoData value, to avoid black pixels on the final product.


Theoretical this should produce something homogeneous, but in fact I don't have the same result each time, maybe this is related with other issues...

The other image that I send you is the aspect of a mosaic dataset, after all the operations that were described before. As you can see this is not the result that I seek, so if you can show this to someone that is aware of this kind of processing it could be good for me, because I'm spending to much time trying to achieve a mosaic dataset that is homogeneous...




Jorge Santos