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Campus Place Locator almost working... floors not filtering... assistance plz

Question asked by evan_sepa on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by evan_sepa

Hi I was hoping to get some assistance troubleshooting.


I've setup the Campus Place Locator App with my own services and it kinda works, except the floors don't filter as expected?


The only hint of an error I see is a [ undefined "" ] in devtools... which happens after you select a building (only 1 currently loaded)


Here is the app... 


AGOL Source Map 



ImageryBasemap/AlderBM (MapServer) 

Structure/BuildingInterior (MapServer) 


I used the CMDM (Canadian Local Gov) however all fields being used seem to be the same. I published the services in NAD83 UTM 17N but I would expect they should reproject like the example data.


Any assistance getting the floors to appear when selected would be greatly appreciated.



FIXED - maybe this will help someone else

Read through the instructions carefully!!!!!