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AGOL User accounts

Question asked by Mainenaturalgas on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Mainenaturalgas

I have what might appear to be a simple question.


I have a total of 15 active AGOL licenses and recently received IPADS for all 8 of my service technicians.

My goal was to assign each technician their very own, personalized Ipad with their employee name and number as their Username. Simple, right??? 

I found no way to actually change an already established username, JUST the name associated with the account could be changed.

I took it upon myself to delete a few of the accounts (I'm the admin) so that i could easily re add them and assign them the desired usernames.

Now that i deleted the accounts, I cannot re add them. When I go to " Invite members " I get a message stating

"Your organization has reached the maximum number of members your current subscription allows."


i know I have the license's because I deleted 4, you would think i could just re add 4. what's happening here?