How to access HFS tables in ArcMap

Discussion created by dougbrowning on Aug 18, 2017
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I have a HFS that has a few tables in it.  I am having issues finding a way to show and share the tables in ArcMap.


If you do a Add Data -> From AGO then search and add it will add all layers but not the tables.

If you do a File -> Add Data from AGO then search and add it will add all layers but not the tables.

If you go into Catalog and go to My Hosted Services and add it will add the tables.  But you can only do that if you are the owner of the service - which most are not.


If you do get the tables in ArcMap then the next hurdle is layer files ignore tables for some reason.

So if I add the entire HFS then make a layer file from the HFS it will save out all the layers except the tables.


You can also not highlight a layer and a table at the same time to try and make a layer file.  

You can also not make a layer file of a table.


So my question is how am I supposed to be able to share HFS tables with others??


It does seem like I can do a join the table to a layer then save that out.


Any ideas or tips?