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all attributes output NULL after model is run

Question asked by tdebaun_EMUA on Aug 18, 2017

I am attempting to build a simple tool as a first step to automating a workflow. When I run all the individual steps outside of the model in the same sequence everything works exactly how it should, however when I run the model as a tool the values added to the target data-set by the append actions have every attribute as NULL, so while it technically runs successfully it removes all of the attribute data in the process.

screenshot of the model in question

For reference, the model runs the same set of functions twice, adding new data into two separate layers, shown by the two groups. It starts with new data that needs to be added to an existing layer. This data is first added to a GDB and then given a global ID so that the new data has all the fields the existing data has. This allows the data to be added to the existing data using append.